Big Brother 2017: It all kicks off again in a 'divided house'

Big Brother spoiler

Big Brother 2017

It's all kicking off again in tonight's Big Brother 2017 highlights.

Although it's not quite as dramatic as last night's episode, which saw Kayleigh Morris ejected after a massive row with Chanelle McCleary.

In tonight's episode of Big Brother, housemates learn of Kayleigh's departure, Raphael Korine celebrates his birthday, Ellie Young is left in tears and a water fight causes a row.

Following a dramatic 24 hours that's seen a surprise double eviction, an ejection and a nominations twist, sisters Hannah and Deborah Agboola chat to Big Brother in the Diary Room.


They say: "There's a divide and everyone is out for themselves. It's not about, I, I, I..."

Later, Chanelle complains about her fellow housemates ahead of the latest nominations: "You can't go around just thinking that you're invincible."

In the evening, a water fight between Lotan, Tom and Rebecca ends in an argument.

Raph complains about the behaviour of the guys: "Don't call women bitches. I hate that."

Deborah agrees: "He's an arrogant guy."

Meanwhile, Ellie is left in tears when Lotan tells her to stop kissing him.

Joe advises her: "Watch it babe, you're too emotional when you drink."

And elsewhere, Raph celebrates turning 23 in the house: "It's good, it's cool to be here on my birthday. It's super cool, it's something I've always wanted to do."


Ellie teams up with former People's Housemate Tom to try and bake Raph a cake with mixed results.

They come up with their own song to help them prepare the treat, although Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood they're definitely not.

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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