Big Brother 2017 results! Imran and Sukhvinder reveal why they left together

Big Brother 2017

Imran and Sukhvinder left the house together in last night's Big Brother 2017 results.

It was an in an unplanned double eviction (of sorts) in the latest live show of the series.

Earlier this week the Housemate nominated and Charlotte, Raph, Imran, Kayleigh, Rebecca and Sukhvinder to be put up for the public vote.

In Friday's show, Big Brother host Emma Willis announced live to the house that the second person to be evicted was Imran, and to everybody’s surprise, his wife Sukhvinder left with him.


Following the announcement, Imran said Sukhvinder said their goodbyes together and left the house, greeted by Emma and cheers from the crowd.

The pair told Emma that they always planned to leave together and Imran admitted he was happy to be out of the house, but said “other housemates should have gone first” and admitted Kayleigh should have gone before him, because of the “disgusting words” that came out of her mouth.

She went on: "I 100% have got balls. We went before some people that should have gone. I don’t want to represent TV like that. I’m not fighting that battle, Emma."

Sukhvinder added: “People are selfish and self absorbed and don’t really give a s***t about other people.”

Sukhvinder and Imran.
Sukhvinder and Imran.

Emma then asked Sukhvinder about how she found her experience in the house and she admitted she didn’t expect there to be so much confrontation and “People are selfish and self absorbed and don’t really give a s***t about other people.”

The pair later appeared on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side with Rylan Clark-Neal where Sukhvinder quipped that Imran was probably evicted because they he didn't have an agent like other housemates.

Big Brother 2017 continues Saturday night at 9PM.

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