Big Brother 2017: Real reason Marnie Simpson and Kayleigh Morris hate each other?

Big Brother 2017

Marnie Simpson and Kayleigh Morris's Big Brother beef may be more personal than we've been led to believe.

Marnie is one of three celeb guests in the Big Brother house this week alongside Gemma Collins and Nicola McLean as part of a task.


Apparently, Kayleigh and Marnie don't see eye to eye because of Kayleigh's history with Marnie's pal and former CBB housemate Charlotte Crosby.

Speaking to Gemma about her rivalry with Marnie, Kayleigh said today: "Her best friend, I'd literally kill if I had the chance to and so obviously I'm trying to distance myself. [Charlotte] publicly humiliated me on TV,"


"That's not Marnie's fault," Gemma pointed out.

Kayleigh and Marnie then faced off.

"The only reason I have a problem with you is the things you've said about Charlotte," Marnie told Kayleigh.

"Yeah, I've said some nasty things about her," admitted Kayleigh.


Marnie replied: "I don't know why, she's lovely."

But Kayleigh insisted: "She wasn't though, from what she done to me, I don't think that."

HOWEVER, it's been claimed that Marnie and Kayleigh have a far more direct connection that's the cause of their rivalry.

The Sun newspaper reports that one time Love Island contestant Troy Frith has history with both girls.


"I was speaking to Marnie from Geordie Shore but I’m a bit greedy so I was speaking to Kayleigh from Ex at the same time," he says.


The girls found out and - in Troy's words - "It didn’t go down too well to be honest."

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.