Big Brother 2017 news! More rows leave one housemate wanting to leave

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Here's all the latest news from the Big Brother 2017 house over the past 24 hours.

Today was Day 2 of this week's shopping task with former CBB housemates Marnie Simpson, Nicola McLean and Gemma Collins all in the house and staying in the 'Big Brother village'.

The current housemates must look after the VIP guests and take on jobs around the Big Brother village from making beds and cleaning the garden to providing salon treatments and cooking food.

As mayor of the town, it's been Sukhvinder Javeed's job to stay on top of things but it seemed her grip of control was being lost when housemates proposed to give up.

This left Sukhvinder fuming as husband Imram took her to the toilet to calm down.

Kayleigh and Sukhvinder.
Kayleigh and Sukhvinder.

With a luxury shopping budget at stake, she fumed about her fellow housemates: "Selfish f**king b*****ds, man."

Also having a tough time in the house was Kayleigh Morris, who we saw in last night's show complain about Marnie's entrance given the pair's connection to Kayleigh's 'rival' Charlotte Crosby.

So put out was Kayleigh that she asked to leave the house in a chat with Big Brother.

Explaining her reasons, Kayleigh said: "I thought if I had time to show I don't just kick off and react then the perception of me would change but then you bring in these 3 VIPs and one of them I can't stomach. I thought there was more to me then just kicking off but now I don't believe it."

Kayleigh agreed to think about her decision but she didn't get much sympathy from Sukhvinder who snapped: "Well go, stop going on about your s**t, f**k off."

The girls later clashed in the garden with Kayleigh telling Sukhvinder: "You're an absolute c**t."

"Wow you're such a classy girl, using the C word," Sukhvinder hit back. "I don't use words like that, don't use words like that, you bring yourself down."

Ellie and Kayleigh.
Ellie and Kayleigh.

Kayleigh took the advice, replying instead: "Stupid little s**t."

The day ended with a "fabulous party" thrown by the VIP guests - but did Kayleigh stay to celebrate?

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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