Big Brother 2017: Chanelle McCleary in tears after row with Sukhvinder Javeed

Big Brother 2017

Chanelle McCleary is left in tears on tonight's Big Brother 2017 after a row with Sukhvinder Javeed.

It begins when on the sofas, Chanelle and Sukhvinder are bantering. As a joke, Chanelle attempts to put a bag from a loaf of bread on Sukhvinder's

But Sukhvinder doesn't take too kindly to joke and gets rather annoyed with Chanelle.

She shouts: "Big Brother, I need to make a complaint I don't appreciate some f**ker trying to suffocate me."

Chanelle is left in tears over the incident in the bedroom.

"I thought we were friends and I am sorry but we've been having banter all day," she sobbed as Sukhvinder entered. "That's why I put the bag over your head to say 'shut up', can I have a laugh with no one in this house?!"

"I think you need to respect you're putting a bag over my head, speaking words and putting a bag over my head..." Sukhvinder began before Chanelle stormed off to the toilet in tears.

Charlotte told Sukhvinder ‘that she should have sat Chanelle down and spoken to her’

Sukhvinder then talked to Big Brother in the Diary Room about what happened with Chanelle.

"It’s the second time I’ve addressed an issue with another female…girl on girl crime is on the up, still," she says.

Later on, Sukhvinder's husband Imran tells Chanelle ‘that she is a good person’ following the row.


But then in bed, Sukhvinder is upset with Imran over the comment.

"See how you turned on me…I can’t deal with you. You either take my hand or you split…Mr Nice Guy to everyone," Sukhvinder complains

Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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