Imogen Thomas says she wants to take part in Celebrity Big Brother 2011!

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Big Brother 7 star Imogen Thomas has said she'd love to make a return to Big Brother when it returns to screens this year - but only the celebrity version! The former housemate, who has become a Zeleb model over the last 5 years, told the Daily Star she couldn't do the "normal version".

Talking about the comeback of the show on Channel 5 later this year, the Welsh babe said: “I can’t wait! I think it will be bigger and better and I would definitely consider going in again if they do a celeb one.

“I couldn’t go back to the normal show. Maybe they would want to chuck me in, although I think live TV would be quite difficult.”

With Imogen currently in the papers thanks to a super injunction forbidding her from revealing which footballer she's slept with, show bosses are keen to get the beauty on board.

“Anything can happen during a live show filmed 24/7. Who knows, Imogen could get a bit tipsy," the source said. "The guy involved would be living in fear every day she’s in the house.”

The controversial super injunction issues "against the world" forbids any publication, including TellyMix, from revealing the identity of the footballer. Unfortunately for poor Imogen it also stops her from prolonging her Z-list status by selling a kiss and tell story too!

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