Big Brother's Helen Wood brands "b***h" Emma Willis "bias as f**k"


Big Brother's Helen Wood has ripped into the show's host Emma Willis, branding her "bias as f***".

In a mega rant following last Friday's CBB final, Helen complained about BBUK's leading lady: "She really does stand out from the crowd in the presenting world, face of an angel but frostier than a bag of Iceland's frozen peas.

"That lass really doesn't shy away from the fact she has her favourites, does she?"

Writing in her column for the Daily Star, Helen quipped: "She's about as neutral as Scotty T is when it comes to being celibate."

Big Brother Summer 2014

Speaking about her own interview with Emma, Helen said: "Emma went in for me tooth and nail despite the fact there are two sides to every story.

"Sorry, but that b***h never wants to hear the truth about the side she's rimming."

The former Big Brother champion went on to complain about Emma not pressing Nicola "McMug" about her behaviour in the house.

"If we can't get Davina back, can we not just have Rylan?! He needs to be promoted from Big Brother's Bit On The Side, he'd make a cracking presenter for the main show," Helen suggested.

Helen won Big Brother back in 2014 and returned to the show as a 'legendary' housemate in the 2015 series.

But it was revealed after that controversial run that she had been BANNED from all Channel 5 shows.

The decision was taken by Channel 5's Director Of Programs Ben Frow who branded Helen a "bad person" during an interview at the Edinburgh TV Festival.

Big Brother Summer 2014

“You know, I didn’t like Helen Wood, I think she’s a bad person,” he said after Big Brother in 2015. “Other people go, ‘she’s great TV’, but there comes a point where I go, ‘actually, I don’t want that person in my life’.”

While he conceded inviting Helen back for 2015's summer Big Brother as part of the Time Warp twist, Frow went on to add: “Yeah, but then I… banned her from being on any other bits. I just can’t have her in my life.

“I think there comes a point with editorial where you have to go, ‘enough’. Viewers are important, ratings are important, but ultimately I have to live with every decision I make. I think sometimes you have to draw a line and go, ‘okay, I am now uncomfortable, I don’t want any of this on the telly’.”

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