Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemates kick off at end of series awards ceremony

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Things kicked off in the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 house last night in an end of series awards ceremony

After Calum's eviction, the Celebrity Big Brother housemates were gathered to take part in the show's traditional end of series awards.

In each category, housemates watched clips of the nominated housemates in action during their time in the house. Each housemate then had to vote for their winner and give reasons for their choice.

Those nominated could not vote for themselves and the one with the most votes from the housemates would win the gong.

Kim and Nicola.
Kim and Nicola.

Awards up for grabs included 'Biggest Flirt' and 'Best Argument', which is when the fun started to turn to awkwardness.

After seeing a number of rows played back to the house, the next award was for 'Naughtiest Housemate' with Kim being one of the nominated housemates because of her now infamous 'ADULTERER!' row with Jamie that ended with security in the house.

Nicola voted for Kim saying: "Obviously I didn't see all that because I was in the Diary Room. Watching her call Jamie an adulterer and the words she used...

"He is!" Kim interrupted as she claimed Nicola was wrong to vote for her.

Nicola continued: "I think it is naughty to use someone's past and bring it up in the house."

Bianca also voted for Kim, saying: "She wasn't very nice to my man at all. I think it was uncalled for and a little bit below the belt."

And from there it kicked off on the live feed between Kim, Nicola and Bianca with the escalating row eventually seeing Kim called to the Diary Room by Big Brother.

The awards show was temporarily stopped, much to the annoyance of the other housemates who had been enjoying watching highlights of their month in the house.

Kim and Nicola.
Kim and Nicola.

Coleen sighed: "What a shame, it was going well, I love award nights!"

See highlights from the awards and following arguments in tonight's show.

Celebrity Big Brother airs this evening from 9PM on Channel 5.

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