Davina McCall tips Brian Dowling and Brian Belo to front a "fresh" new Big Brother

Davina McCall

Former Big Brother host Davina McCall has tipped Brian Dowling and Brian Belo to front the Big Brother, saying the return of the show needed to see a "fresh" start. The 43-year-old told This Morning today that she reckoned the former Big Brother winners would be a good fit for the show.

Despite leaving the show after more than a decade, Davina was adamant it was the right choice for her. "I've done my 11 years and it’s time for a fresh channel, a fresh start, a fresh look, fresh feel," she said. "I think the presenter should be Brian Dowling or Brian Belo, who is the proper true fan, or Emma Willis who I really love.”


Davina continued: "I was so identified by ‘Big Brother’ so obviously when they said they weren’t going to do it anymore, not only was I heartbroken but then I had a lot of soul searching to do and thought, ‘What am I beyond ‘Big Brother’?’

“I love ‘Big Brother’, I still think it’s got legs. I really believe that it’s got a future and Endemol will make it good, I know they will. But I’ve said goodbye and I spent a year saying good bye and I went on and I’ve got other programmes now."

“And I’ve got a busy year so even if I wanted to I wouldn’t do it because I was so synonymous with it and I thought there wouldn’t be life after ‘Big Brother’ and now I’ve found out that there is.”

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