Celebrity Big Brother 2017: 'Nicola McLean threatens to quit' over Kim Woodburn

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Nicola McLean has reportedly threatened to quit Celebrity Big Brother 2017 twice this week.

The model asked to leave the house following the latest round of major rows, clashing once more with rival Kim Woodburn.

During nominations there was yet another huge argument between the pair after Kim accused Nicola of being a liar.

According to show sources, Nicola ended up in the Diary Room to "plead with producers to leave the house" before eventually being persuaded to stay.


The Sun newspaper reports that show bosses called a doctor for Nicola to speak to about her anxiety and the toxic atmosphere inside the house.

A source told the newspaper: “Nicola was shocked and hurt when Kim called her a “b***h*, it was completely uncalled for and it feels like Kim has been targeting her in the house ever since.

“No one knows why Kim has chosen to pick this twisted and toxic feud, but it’s triggered Nicola’s anxiety and she’s had to see a doctor in the house."

In tonight's show Nicola is once again seeing rowing, this time with Jedward.

Things kick off when John innocently comments that Nicola’s eye make-up ‘looks different’. She snaps: “You talk so much b*llocks! Why don’t you say ‘Nicola you look bad?’ I don’t give a f**k how I look!”

John insists that he didn’t mean it like that as the pair start to clash in yet another row.

After things calm down, in the snug, Heidi and Jedward are talking about Nicola.

Jedward say: “Any good intentions are seen, as ‘Oh there must be something going on there’!”


Meanwhile, Nicola is calming down in the Diary Room.

She tells Big Brother: “I don’t like living with them! They are mean spirited, trying to provoke a reaction, my bad I always give it to them! They are prodding constantly…they are robotic and I’m an emotional wreck that is always ready to blow!”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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