Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Calum Best and Jessica Cunningham clash over Nicola McLean

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Calum Best and Jessica Cunningham clash over Nicola McLean in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother.

Last night Chloe was evicted; James C received eternal immunity and granted Heidi and Spencer eternal nomination.

Following a row last night, Speidi are no longer talking to Nicola after she failed to vote for them for immunity,

In tonight's show, Nicola is seen trying to make amends but to little success.

In the bedroom, Nicola tells Speidi that they are the last people she would want to “hurt or offend.” Spencer says that Heidi can do “whatever,” but tells Nicola he was “done” with her as soon as she held Coleen’s picture up during nominations.

“However you feel, I need to let you know I f**ked up,” Nicola ends. Heidi says she “appreciates” Nicola coming to talk to them.

Afterwards, Calum and Nicola are discussing her earlier conversation with Speidi. Calum was present at the time and tells Nicola he was there to support her and thinks that Heidi may bring Spencer to a more “mellow place.”

Nicola and Jessica are then seen talking about the Speidi situation. Jessica tries to explain that emotions are high so “people don’t see the reality.”

Calum comes into the house and tries to lighten the mood. Nicola walks off and Calum tells Jessica that her “pep-talk” isn’t doing Nicola any good as other Housemate have already tried.

Calum tells Jessica it doesn’t do any good explaining things when both she and Nicola are drunk. “Why bring up s**t that’s already been dealt with,” he adds.


Jessica is telling Bianca about her earlier conversation with Nicola and subsequent run-in with Calum. Calum enters the room and the girls stop talking.

Calum explains to Bianca that Jessica and Nicola were both drunk and therefore “not in the right headspace,” to have that conversation. Jessica shakes her head while Calum is talking and he walks off mimicking her.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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