One Celebrity Big Brother 2017 housemate to win pass to the final in latest twist

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

A pass to the Celebrity Big Brother 2017 final is up for grabs today in a new twist.

Big Brother has revealed that one housemate will win nomination immunity until the end of the series on Friday, February 3.


But another unlucky housemate will lose out big time as the winner of the pass to the final will get even more power.

They'll be able to choose another housemate to curse with eternal nomination, leaving that celebrity facing every future eviction of this year's series.


The winner of the pass to the final will be decided in tonight's live show on Channel 5.

This evening's episode will also see the latest eviction following another nominations twist which took place in the house yesterday (Thursday).


And it's all to do with this week's shopping task.

In Thursday night's highlights we saw the housemates paired up into 'Superhero' and 'Sidekick' duos.

The Defensive Duo (Jedward) was given The Mean McLean (Nicola) as their sidekick.

Hero Cunning Business (Jessica) was given Colonel Cosmo (James C) as her sidekick.

Off Key Song Bird (Stacy) was given The Radge Lass (Chloe) as her sidekick.

Hero Glistening Queen (Kim) was given The Not So Best Man (Calum) as her sidekick.


Pratt Attack (Speidi) was given Bianca the Bold as their sidekick.

Hero Notorious Nolan (Coleen) was given Jamie O’HAHA (Jamie) as her sidekick.

These pairings played a key role in the week's nominations with the sidekicks and superheroes yesterday being called into separate rooms where each stood behind a button.

Big Brother explained that if a housemate pressed the button they would save themselves from eviction, but at the expense of their sidekick or superhero partner who would be up for axe.

If both halves of a pairing press the button, the fastest would be safe and slower would be up for eviction.

Heidi and Spencer.
Heidi and Spencer.

If neither half of a pair presses the button, neither will be up for eviction.


The housemates left up for eviction will be up for the axe in Friday night's show.

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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