Celebrity Big Brother 2017 results! Jasmine Waltz EVICTED in latest twist

Who was evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2017 tonight?

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

The results of this weekend's shock Celebrity Big Brother 2017 eviction have been revealed tonight.

Over the past two days, housemates have been battling to stay out of hell with six housemates locked up away from the main house as of yesterday.

They were James Cosmo, Stacy Francis, Speidi, Jasmine Waltz, Calum Best and Coleen Nolan.

And tonight saw Jasmine evicted from the house, in a decision made by her fellow housemates.

Jasmine and Stacy.
Jasmine and Stacy.

But before the eviction, those in had have one last chance to save themselves.

The ‘Hell’ Housemates were each given the chance to win their way back into the ‘Land of the Living.’ Each ‘Hell’ Housemate had been given two lives and was asked questions about their ‘Land of the Living’ Housemates. The first to buzz in with the correct answer could choose to remove a life from another player.

Once three Housemates had lost both their lives, they were eliminated from the game and would continue to live in ‘Hell.’ The three winning Housemates returned to the ‘Land of the Living.’

At the end of the game, Speidi, Jasmine and James C were stuck in hell after Stacy, Calum and Coleen saved themselves.

Big Brother then announced that those in the main house had to make a very important decision. Housemates had to all agree which Housemate in Hell must never return but instead face the indignity of eviction through the side door.

After the decision was made, Speidi, Jasmine and James C were each faced with a door to walk through. Behind two doors were brick walls but for one unlucky celeb the door led out of the house as they were evicted.

Speidi and James C both found their routes out of the house blocked leaving Jasmine to depart the house


Speidi and James C then returned to the main house.

While Jasmine left via the back door, she will appear in a special live show with Emma Willis on Tuesday on Channel 5.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.