New Celebrity Big Brother nominations twist causes anger and tears

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

There's a nominations twist in tonight's Celebrity Big Brother that causes a stir.

On tonight's show, Big Brother is seen gathering Housemates for a game of ‘Who’s Lying Now?’

In order to pass, three Housemates must successfully deceive their fellow Housemates.

Three housemates have been voted by the viewers as the least trustworthy: Coleen, Jasmine and Speidi. In each round, one of those three must tell a lie and Housemates must identify the liar.


However, in the task, the untrustworthy Housemates must reveal who they have nominated; one of them will be lying and two will be telling the truth. Coleen and Speidi’s true nominations are revealed.

Brandon, Coleen and James J are in the garden. Coleen is upset that the public voted her as one of the least trustworthy, “That’s got me.” Coleen begins to cry and the boys hug her. “The most fake, it’s the worst thing, cos I’m so not.”

Jasmine and Stacy are in the bathroom. Stacy refers to a comment read out in the task where Jasmine branded her “negative” and wanting “more camera time.”

Jasmine says she doesn’t want to get into it, “It’s a f**king joke.” Stacy says it’s “f**ked up,” that Jasmine thinks that but doesn’t want to resolve things.

Austin has come to the Diary room “ready to go home.” He says he misses his boyfriend and it’s really affected him. He screams that he wants to go home and cries. “I’m not liking it; I’m not enjoying it!”

Austin calms down and tells Big Brother that every morning he has woken up wondering “what the f**k am I doing here?”


Some of the Housemates are in garden. James J says that if Austin is serious about leaving, can James J open the door for him to leave through. “I’ve always wanted to do it.”

James J tells him that if he really wants to leave the door is “just there.” Austin asks James J if he could “honestly, just be a bit sympathetic.”

Celebrity Big brother 2017 airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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