'I wanna punch her face in' Angie Best angers Celebrity Big Brother housemates

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Angie Best angers the housemates on tonight's Celebrity Big Brother as she leads an all star detox.

In the show this evening, Big Brother sets Angie a task; to run a “January Detox Programme” for the Housemates she believes are the unhealthiest.

Angie picks, James C, Coleen, Ray J, Brandon and Calum to undertake the detox. Angie wants to give James C more energy, to “unclog” Coleen, to give Ray J “more energy,” for Brandon to achieve “the new you,” and Calum, “You’ve had seven days in Dubai, five days in here and now you’ll have however many days of health.”

Those on the detox cannot smoke and can't drink alcohol and can only eat foods approved by Angie.

Angie and Calum.
Angie and Calum.

For supper, detoxing Housemates enjoy leaves and grated carrot before settling down for a positivity yoga session in the garden to rid them of their negative thoughts. James C mentions: “boredom, stupidity, self-obsession.”

Coleen adds: “P***ed off, hungry and I want a fag,” Ray J, “un-called for, disrespectful, absolutely ridiculous,” Angie tells him, to be “positive” and Ray J replies, “Peace, happiness, smoking.”

Angie then allows Ray J a cigarette break. Ray J asks if he can combine vaping with smoking. Angie says, “You push and push, you’re such a f**king slime, you always get your own way.”

Ray J tells her that he works hard to get what he wants; “I pay for everything I get.”

In the Garden, Jasmine tells Calum that Angie spoke to Ray J, “Pretty hard.”

Calum returns to the bedroom and explains to Angie that it’s “kicked off” amid the Housemates about how she spoke to Ray J. He tells her that she does not need to go “in” on people, “like you would a client outside of here.” Angie agrees to calm down in her approach.


Meanwhile, in the Diary Room Coleen is in the Diary Room and says that although she “admires her passion,” being on Angie’s Detox makes her turn into a “petulant five year old.”

She mentions that Calum is stressed about it too and laughs, “Because I wanna punch his mum’s face in.”

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 airs tonight at 9Pm on Channel 5.

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