Celebrity Big Brother 2017: Speidi have spent four months on their game plan

Celebrity Big Brother 2017

Celebrity Big Brother's Spencer and Heidi are seriously dedicated to winning this year's show.

The pair spilled to the house last night (Thursday) that they had been plotting for FOUR MONTHS.

The revelation caused mocking from the other housemates.

James Jordan commented: "I'm not going to say I wouldn't like to win but I wouldn't analyse how I'm going to win... Jesus."

Heidi and Spencer.
Heidi and Spencer.

Austin Armacost remarked: "He [Spencer] said earlier today 'I just want to win to show up Rylan', to say 'I won All Stars and you won a regular season.'"

Later in the Diary Room, Austin admitted to being a bit confused about Speidi.

He told Big Brother: "I'm just thrown a bit I suppose. I thought Heidi and Spencer were going to be awful people from what I've seen and they're really lovely so that's thrown me.

"Spencer at times has been a bit of a knob but he's not a bad guy, yet."

Austin continued: "Angie's lovely, I think for the first time I've started placing where people might finish and I think Angie might win this show.

"She's a lovely woman, she's so sweet and kind and then she'll say 'Well, don't **king treat me like that'. She's got a wonderful combination of great qualities and aggression and confidence in standing up for herself."

And speaking about the on-going task where the All Stars are 'editing out' the New Stars, Austin told Big Brother: "There are a few housemates that are just boring so to say 'go and sit in a corner', to me they could already be sitting in a corner.


"They're bringing nothing to the table. No entertainment, drama, no stories about their lives and that's what people want to know. There are some people I know nothing about at the moment."

He concluded: "I'm ready to nominate. I'm ready for people to start going."

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 continues nightly on Channel 5.

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