Emma Willis wants Big Brother to go back to basics (bring back the chickens!)

Big Brother 2018

Emma Willis has revealed hopes that Big Brother will (one day) go back to basics.

The host of the Channel 5 series wants the show to ditch the relative luxury that recent housemates have enjoyed.


Instead, Emma thinks show bosses should strip the house right back to the basics not seen since the first few series.

That includes the celebs having to make food from scratch, growing vegetables and looking after chickens.


Emma explained: "I would strip it all out and make it like series one and make them bake their own bread, use a mangle and look after chickens in the garden to get their eggs.

"Get rid of it all, but keep the psychological games they put in now, but have it bare bones as in what they get and can do with it."

Over the past 15 years Big Brother has been on air the house has grown dramatically since it's humble beginnings of a garden full of chickens.

The latest series of Celebrity Big Brother will launch on Tuesday, January 2 on Channel 5.