Perez Hilton turned down Celebrity Big Brother after bosses refused to double his fee

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Perez Hilton says he won't return to Celebrity Big Brother 2017 after a row over his fee.

Earlier this week Perez said he won't be a part of next month's new All Star v New Star special because Channel 5 just weren't offering him enough cash.

Perez told fans: "For those of you who sweetly keep wanting an update or confirmation.... Yes, I was asked to appear on next month's #CelebrityBigBrother"all-stars" edition in the U.K.

"Despite my better judgement, I said I would do it... IF the price is right!"

He continued: "My participation on that show in 2015 was truly traumatic for me and I need to be prepared for a second experience to be just as bad or worse!

"The price wasn't right for 2017, but the door is open for me to appear again in the future - IF they open their wallet!"

Now the American showbiz gossip has revealed exactly what happened during negotiations, saying he wanted double his previous fee which producers weren't prepared to pay.

"I have been asked to do it and I told them I would do it if the price was right," Perez said in his latest podcast. “And the price was not right, okay! It was way off.

“I wanted to get paid double and I think I’m worth it.

“I am the most talked about housemate in the history of Big Brother.

“Statistics show that. I was on the most popular season in like seven or eight years.”

Perez is the latest celeb to rule out a CBB return, following most recent winner Stephen Bear, Blue's Lee Ryan and X Factor's Honey G.

But past 'all star' housemates who could be returning include Coleen Nolan, Lauren Harries, Jedward, Calum Best, Angelique 'Frenchy' Morgan, Katie Price, Nicola McLean, American couple Speidi - Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag - and Jasmine Waltz.

They'll be joined by a number of new faces in the new 'All Star v New Star' twist.

The Celebrity Big Brother 2017 start date is 9PM, Channel 5 on Tuesday, January 3.

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