Perez Hilton takes aim at Katie Hopkins ahead of Celebrity Big Brother 2017 All Stars

Celebrity Big Brother 2015

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 doesn't kick off for a good few weeks yet but there are already fireworks.

Channel 5 last week confirmed that the new run of the show will - as widely rumoured - see a mix of former Celebrity Big Brother housemates as well as new faces.

No names are being officially revealed ahead of launch but Perez Hilton and Katie Hopkins are rumoured to potentially be returning.

And that could mean drama, given their constant clashes on the show when they first appeared together in 2015.

Speaking to the Daily Star this week, Perez said he did NOT want to be back in the house with her.

"She is a troll and a fake!" he told the newspaper. "She conned viewers into thinking she was something she wasn't. And literally the second she stepped foot outside that house she was back to her vile ways!"

Perez didn't confirm whether he would actually be taking part but said he would definitely be up for it - if the price was right.

He explained: "I would [come back]! I clearly wouldn't be doing it for fun. And I don't need to do it for publicity either. I now know what that experience is worth. And I'd have to get paid a lot more than last time!"

And should Perez be reunited with Katie, he revealed: "One thing I know for sure I would do different is if there was a bully like Katie Hopkins.

"I wouldn't get all childlike and fun, I would stand up to them and with strength right away. Love and kindness won't win someone like her over!"

Celebrity Big Brother 2017 launches on Channel 5 on January 3.

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