'Fame hungry freaks' no longer welcome on Channel 5's Big Brother

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Channel 5 are reportedly set to bring the Big Brother format back to the original 'social experiement' it started off as. According to show sources and insiders, 'fame hungry freaks' will no longer be welcomed onto the programme as housemates.

"Endemol [the TV production company which makes the show] will try to rediscover the elements that made the format a hit, rather than repeating the excesses of the later series," a show source told the Daily Express today.

The source continued “Core fans, mostly women aged from 16 to 34, will always be attracted to this strong format, regardless of the channel. There’s a solid male audience for it too. The ratings will still be high but the show has lost something on Channel 4.

“Advertisers love the fact you can attract this younger audience every night. Oddly enough, an older audience, up to 55, tends to tune into the celebrity version. ”


Meanwhile Dan Jones, author of The Psychology of Big Brother, said that show needed to go back to basics. "It just became a freak show [on Channel 4]. What they need to do is move it back to the ‘social experiment’ of the early years," he told the newspaper.

“What people want is for the show to be like EastEnders or Hollyoaks; a soap that’s completely unpredictable, that keeps them watching."

“The new contestants should be semi life-and-soul of the party types, not freaks. The fans want something different from what we had before."

He added : "It needs to be less about people who want to be famous.”

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