Big Brother to go 'back to basics' for its new series on Channel 5

Channel 5

Big Brother makers Endemol have hinted they will be taking the reality format "back to basics" for the return of the show to telly on Channel 5 later this year. According to industry insiders, the television production company are keen to move away from the interfering twists which were seen in the later series on Channel 4.

As well as fewer twists and less producer interference, the new home of Big Brother aim to get viewers more involved than ever by using social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

A source close to Channel 5 last night blabbed to Broadcast Now: “Desmond harbours a dream of creating stars for the public, which he can grow and cross promote in his print titles. Ratings wise, even if it underperforms on last year, it will still shunt C5’s audience youth-wards, which is clearly beneficial.”


Meanwhile former creative director for the show on Channel 4 Phil Edgar-Jones gave the revival of the format his blessing. “If they get a good group of celebrities it will fly," he told Broadcast Now. "There is a slightly different reality TV landscape now, with shows such as The Only Way Is Essex, which is like a slightly more knowing version of Big Brother.

“But they should forget all that and just make a reality show featuring a lot of fun and nonsense.”

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in August.

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