Big Brother 11 winner Josie Gibson says she'd love to host Big Brother's Little Brother

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Winner of Big Brother 11 Josie Gibson has said she'd love the opportunity to host Big Brother's Little Brother, saying she'd definitely be up for the job if asked by Channel 5. The West-country blonde yesterday said she'd never host the main show, but reckons spin-off Little Brother is more for her.

"Oh God I’d get so much stick," Josie said about fronting the main show when it returns this summer. She added: "Nobody can really replace Davina but I can think of a lot better people than me."

However Josie was much more open to having a go on Big Brother's Little Brother, saying today: "They would never offer [me the] main stage but I’d love to give BBLB if they bring it [back]."

Other names already linked to the spin-off, which could air on either the main Channel 5 or its digital sister channel 5*, include Big Brother 2 and Ultimate Big Brother champion Brian Dowling. However the Irish cutie confessed while he'd love to present the show, he hadn't been approached yet. "Apparently it’s been in the paper, but do you know what? I’ve not been approached to host any aspect of the show but if an opportunity was to airs, of course I would be interested. I’m a fan of the show," he said.

Meanwhile Josie, who recently split with fellow Big Brother 11 star John James, encouraged people to audition for the new series of the show in September, telling OK! TV: "If anyone is thinking about auditioning, honestly I had the best time of my life in there. It was brilliant, I enjoyed every minute."