Former Big Brother stars plead for "normal" housemates for new series

Big Brother (Generic)

Former Big Brother stars including Big Brother 2 winner Brian Dowling and Big Brother 6 sexpot Makosi Musambasi have called for Channel 5 execs to put "normal" people in the house for the new series. Speaking after the broadcaster confirmed it had signed a deal to bring the show back to telly screens, Brian Dowling also asked for less interference from producers.

"I’m thrilled Big Brother is back but I hope they cast normal people and let them make the drama as opposed to interfering," Brian said. Meanwhile Makosi cheekily added: "I’m pleased but I hope they choose real people who are not looking for a TV career."

Big Brother 7 winner Pete Bennett suggested that viewers should decide exactly who enters the house, commenting: "I want to see Channel 5 bring it back from the brink. I hope they let viewers be more heavily involved in picking the housemates.”

Even Brian Belo suggested a move towards less crazy contestants, saying: "There were too many freaks in the past."

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