Big Brother "needed new blood" says Big Brother 1's Nasty Nick!

Big Brother (Generic)

A cynical person might suggest that all of the former Big Brother stars suddenly crawling out the wood work to give their say on the return of the programme are just looking to extend their fame, and they'd probably be right. Everyone from Chanelle Hayes to Craig Phillips have commented, with even Nasty Nick chipping in.

"The show needed new blood, fresh ideas and new people at the helm," the infamous Big brother 1 contestant said last night, adding: "Channel 5 is the ideal channel to sex it up.ā€

Winner of Big Brother 1 Craig Phillips added: "I think it is the right move going to Channel 5 because the show needed freshening up," while Chanelle Hayes if Big Brother 8 Chiggy fame commented how the reality show had "transformed" her life.

Big Brother will return in August for a celebrity series after Channel 5 yesterday signed a new deal with the programme makers Endemol. Directly following the celebrity series will be a 13-week-long 'normal' run of the programme, followed by yet another celebrity series in the near year of 2012. That's close to 6 months of contestant Big Brother, phew!

Meanwhile loveable Celebrity Big Brother regular John McCririck joked: "ā€œIā€™m expecting a call to appear.ā€

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