Big Brother's Ryan Ruckledge gets 'death threats' over Donald Trump comments

Big Brother 2016

Big Brother housemate Ryan Ruckledge has got himself into a Twitter storm over comments about Donald Trump.

A puzzled Ryan took to the social networking website this morning to question just what was going on following yesterday's US election.

"Who the actual f**k is Donald Trump and why is the world going nuts for him??" asked Ryan, who has seemingly been able to keep out of the near constant news coverage. "What's he done wrong poor guy!! Everyone hates he poor guy..."

Ryan, who was kicked off The X Factor at bootcamp last year, added: "#DonaldTrump can come my house for a brew and a biscuit he's getting a hard time today!

Day 38 Ryan.
Ryan on Big Brother

"What's going on guys?? Who is he?"

But Ryan wasn't done there, instead he went on to get very confused: "Everyone saying to me #DonaldTrump is new prime minister and no one happy, well why did everyone vote him?? Poor guys getting some s**t!"

Ryan was left getting quite a bit of hate for his ignorant comments and even death threats.

"Everyone giving me s**t! So what I didn't no who #DonaldTrump was I don't watch the news!..." Ryan posted online. "Thats nice gettin death threats because I tweeted about #DonaldTrump I didnt no who he was sorry for not watching news, can't tweet f**k all."

After taking to Wikipedia (probably), Ryan shortly returned with updated opinions on Trump.

Day 34 Ryan.

"Just sin a photo of #DonaldTrump F**K ME his tans worse than mine on a Monday morning after a weekend he needs to come for a spraytan wiv me..." Ryan told his fans. "Just seen that #DonaldTrump is a homophobic, racist and sexist C**T!!

"Well thats me and him no longer pals! ORANGE P**CK U CAN F**K OFF MATE."

The more you know...

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