Big Brother to become 'people power' reality telly show on Channel 5

Big Brother 11 eye

Big Brother will become a 'people power' reality show when it returns to telly screens on Channel 5 later this year, it has been claimed. According to the Daily Star today, the new series - expected to be announced within days - fans will decide everything from who enters the house to what tasks they take part in.

What punishments housemates receive and of course who is evicted will also be put in the full control of the viewers. For one viewer the action will become real, getting their chance to enter the house for a day and dictate what the housemates get up to!


A source told the tabloid: "Big Brother has always been proud of its boast that ‘you decide’ who stays or goes. Well now that’s being taken even further. For the first time, viewers really will be able to decide virtually everything that happens during the show’s run.”

It's currently understood that Channel 5 and Big Brother makers Endemol are due to reveal plans for a Celebrity version of the programme in August of this year, before reverting to the usual schedule from 2012. The source continued: "Everyone wants to see the squealers squeal. We don’t want Mr Alpha Male stepping in and doing tasks which are easy for them, we want the weak links to do it and mess up.”

Another twist will see a time limit put on nominations in order to speed up the process, and in order to spice up evictions at least four housemates face the chop every week.