Big Brother's Pete Bennett and Nikki Grahame in 'cringe' reunion


Big Brother's Pete Bennett and Nikki Grahame have come face to face again.

The former BB couple, who got together back in the 2006 series, appeared on ITV's Loose Women today.

And it's fair to say it was pretty awkward.

"Well this isn't cringey in the slightest, definitely doesn't want to make me peel my own skin off... #loosewomen" one viewer quipped.

As the pair were introduced, they were first asked if they had stayed in touch, with Pete remarking: "We used to see each other a lot and then she got all famous and I haven't heard from you, where's my phone call?"

Nikki and Pete then went on to discuss what they had been up to since Big Brother, which for Nikki was even more BB.

She returned to the UK version last year and this year competed in the Canadian series.

"I've just been blessed to be in Big Brother in the first place, I was such a fan of the show," she said.

As for Pete, he declared: "I'm an actor now, I've just done a film up north, I'm taking it really seriously."

Pete told the show about his new cleaning company and continuing to work campaigning about Tourette's Syndrome.

He said: "I bigged up Tourette's, made it all like really cool. I even got people in Australia like Tourette Syndrome Australia going, 'G'day mate you really sorted us out up here, all the kids love ya', so it's gone worldwide."

And he encouraged others who have the condition: "It's calmed down so much over ten years, this is live TV, it would never have happened ten years ago.

"So all those kids out there thinking I'm having a bad time, don't worry it does calm down with age."

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