Big Brother's Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace back on our TVs in Botched Up Bodies

Big Brother

Big Brother's Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace is back on our TVs tonight.

The Big Brother 7 star, who also popped up on last year's Timebomb series, will be seen in Channel 5's Celebrity Botched Up Bodies.

She's seen on this evening's episode at 11PM looking to get her teeth fixed.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Aisleyne told how anxiety over her smile led to her wanting veneers, but a dodgy doctor left her in and out of the dentist's chair.


"I had massive issues about going on dinner dates, I'd just avoid them like the plague. I'd get really conscious about [my teeth] and get anxiety," Aisleyne told the newspaper.

She explained: "I'd get an anxiety rash all over my chest, neck and face if I knew I had a one-to-one opposite someone because I thought everyone would be looking at my teeth.

"It sounds silly but as well as it being a physical thing that bothered me, it turned into a mental thing, a psychological thing."

The model went on to say of the botched work to boost her self confidence: "[The doctor] took them in and out five times because he kept getting wrong.

"They were wonky and they had a big gap but he just wasn't listening and told me I'd get used to it."

And talking about tonight's show, Aisleyne added: "It's gonna be embarrassing, I hope it doesn't c*** block me too much! You'll see me without my veneers on with my little stubs.


"But I thought if I'm gonna do this it's gonna be in these circumstances. I went to see the surgeon and thought well he's gonna do the best he can because he's on TV."

Also appearing in this evening's episode, Geordie Shore's Sophie Kasaei finds out if a cheap lip filler has caused long-term damage.

Celebrity Botched Up Bodies airs tonight at 11PM on Channel 5.

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