Former Big Brother host Davina McCall suggests show goes too far now

Davina McCall (Got To Dance 2014)

Former Big Brother host Davina McCall has suggested that the show may go too far nowadays.

Speaking to Jonathan Ross on ITV on Saturday night, Davina discussed hosting the show on Channel 4 and remarked on how what wasn't shown then would probably be seen on TV today.

Recalling that infamous moment between Kinga and the wine bottle, Davina questioned whether perhaps reality television had gone too far.

“There was one time and I’m sure lots of people will remember it, which was… it was Kinga," Davina began. "I remember watching Kinga in the garden with a bottle. We never actually saw it - today you’d probably see it - but we never saw it, it was alluded to.

"I called and I said, ‘Have we stepped over the mark here? Is this a step too far?’ and they said, ‘Look that’s all the housemates have talked about the next day so we had to allude to it’ and I was like ‘Oh man’ because I was thinking about her, she’s going to come out afterwards and that’s all anybody’s going to remember.

"They have responsibility to these people, you’ve got to look after them.”

Meanwhile, the current host of The Jump ruled out taking over from Mel & Sue on the Great British bake Off when it moves to Channel 4.

Davina said: “I have not been approached and I have to say that would be tough wouldn’t it, after Mel and Sue, because they were amazing.”

On whether she would take the role if offered, Davina said: “I haven’t really thought about it, I love the show but it’s cakes and I’m sugar free really. I love watching it and I think ‘Ooh I could make a sugar free version of that.’ [But] you’ve got to try them haven’t you.”

When Jonathan asked, “So on a sugar level you’d have to say no?” although she didn’t rule it out, Davina replied, “I think I’d I’d probably have to.”

On whether it might be a poisoned chalice offer, Davina added: “A little bit, [I promote] healthy eating but [on the show] I’m just going to have a little bit of this cake.”

The Jonathan Ross show airs Saturday nights on ITV.

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