Big Brother's Sara McLean pops up on new Channel 4 reality show

bbuk sara

Former Big Brother housemate Sara McLean appears in a new Channel 4 reality series this week.

Scottish Sara, who made the final of BBUK in 2012 on Channel 5, is in the first episode of new show The Lie Detective on Friday evening.

Channel 4 say the programme is all about finding out the truth about people's relationships;

Apparently, a whopping 80% of us lie in our relationships, and New Yorker Dan Ribacoff - known as The Human Lie Detector - believes the truth will set you free.

In The Lie Detective, Dan brings together current couples, exes, and hopeful singletons to find out the truth about their relationships. Each couple face the most honest conversation of their lives by confronting each other with 20 questions about their relationship.

Armed with a polygraph (lie detector) machine, plus 25 years of experience, deception expert Dan ensures that the truth gets out.

From 'who is the better kisser?' to 'can we get back together? or who is better in bed?' - no question is too big or too small.

In the opening episode, we're introduced to Sara and John who are 'friends without benefits'. Apparently There's sexual chemistry, but what really happened between John and Sara's friends?

The Lie Detective airs at 10PM on Channel 4 on Friday.

If you want to know more, here's a trailer featuring Sara: