So are Celebrity Big Brother's Marnie Simpson and Lewis Bloor still together?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Marnie Simpson has responded to claims that she and Lewis Bloor's CBB romance was just for the cameras.

Since leaving the house things have been fairly quiet from the duo but Marnie says they are still together but - after four weeks in the Celebrity Big Brother house - are taking things so.

The Geordie Star told OK! magazine this week that she nor Lewis had any reason to put their relationship into the public eye and so had no need for a showmance on CBB.

"Lewis is a very independent boy. He doesn't really want to be on TV, he doesn't care about the media," she said. "He works really hard as a personal trainer and wants to crack on with that. Having a showmance was in neither of our interests whatsoever."

Marnie told the magazine and she and Lewis went on a bowling date following the CBB final and were happy to be away from the cameras.

"It was quite nice just being the two of us. It made a nice change. I enjoyed it," she said.

Marnie went on to blab: "Everybody wants us to know about mine and Lewis's sex life. It's really funny. He's got a massive willy and everybody wants to know what it's like! He gets ten out of ten!"

She told the publication: "I've never felt like this about anybody else before," raving: "He's just so caring. He's very positive. I have really enjoyed being around him and he brings out the best in us.... I just care for him more strongly than I have ever card about anyone."

But Marnie said she would be taking things slowly for now.

"There's no need to rush things. We're so young. We have all the time in the world," she concluded.

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