Christopher Biggins confirms he WAS paid for Celebrity Big Brother appearance


Christopher Biggins has confirmed he WAS paid for his time on Celebrity Big Brother.

Originally a favourite to win, Biggins was reportedly paid a total of £150,000 for joining the line up but was removed after one week.

Channel 5 confirmed at the time that Biggins had left the house after a string of comments 'capable of causing offence'.

Speaking after his exit, Biggins has confirmed he did get paid part of his fee but it was half what he was promised.

"I was told I would get a certain amount when I was kicked out and it was half of that," the actor told the Daily Mirror newspaper.

In an interview with the tabloid, Biggins also hit back at Katie Waissel following the pair's clash which contributed to his removal.

The pair were understood to have rowed over a 'joke' made in reference to Katie's Jewish heritage and the Nazis, although the scenes were never aired.

Following her eviction, Katie hit out at Biggins in an interview: “It’s very real to me. So there you go, Christopher Biggins, you nasty, nasty person. It’s disrespectful to me, my ancestors and every family who have history tied to this dreadful place.”

But he hit back this week: “I think she’ll be embarrassed she did that. She came out and said she didn’t know anything about it. Life is too short, things get blown out of proportion. I would sit down with Katie on a sofa and chat to her on TV in about six months.”

Celebrity Big Brother returns to Channel 5 in the new year.

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