Big Brother's Lateysha Grace has a new bum after getting more surgery


Big Brother's Lateysha Grace has got herself a new bum after getting more surgery.

The star of MTV show The Valleys has revealed she's splashed out £4,000 on procedures including her third bum lift (which is a thing, apparently), liposuction, face contouring and having her breast implants removed.

And she's not done there.

"I love my new bum but I know that I want more," Lateysha explained. “I’ve got plans to get it done again in a couple of months."

The mum of one confessed: "I don’t know what’s wrong with me.

“I’m constantly looking at myself in the mirror and thinking ‘oh, I want this bigger’ or ‘I want my waist smaller’ – I don’t think I’ll ever be happy with my body."

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, Lateysha went on to admit: "The reason I do it is because I'm insecure - point blank - before I did TV I never thought of having surgery but people always dig out the bad things about yourself on TV so it does play on your mind."

While her fourth bum op awaits, for now Lateysha can't wait to showcase her new rear to Rylan Clark-Neal after *THAT* twerking accident on Bit On The Side earlier this year.

"When I next see Rylan I’m going to show him my new bum – definitely," the 'Welsh Beyonce' said. “I’m sure he’d love it definitely! I’ll be able to twerk better now for him now I’ve got a bigger bum – I’m the queen of twerking."

Meanwhile, in other Big Brother news out there in the ether, Andy West has admitted his split from boyfriend Ed "still hurts".

The pair got engaged on the show after Ed proposed during a visit as part of a task but broke up just after the final.

Andy told the Daily Mirror this week: "I'm so grateful to my fans for being there for me. They've really kept me going. They get how I feel because they've been there too.

"We've all split from someone or lost someone and then had to explain it to our friends and family. It's just that I've had to do it at least ten times a day for a month while trying to deal with my broken heart."

Big Brother airs on Channel 5.

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