Big Brother could move to a later time slot in future

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Big Brother could end up airing at 11PM in future, as Channel 5 looks to diversify its schedule.

The series is by far Channel 5's biggest and usually provides the channel with its top ratings throughout the year.

But C5 chief Ben Frow reckons it would be better off airing later on in the evening at 11PM.

Speaking at the Edinburgh Television Festival last week, he explained: “Love Island gave us a little bit of a jolt this year, and it’s no bad thing. They got the two-week head start, which made me f***ing angry.

“Then of course because of the Euros we were playing it at 9 o’clock, and they were at 9 o’clock... there’s no denying it, Love Island was very successful for ITV.”

Frow also said: "In future Big Brother will play at 10PM, Celebrity Big Brother may be at 9PM, but civilian will be at 10PM.

"Ideally I'd have it at 11PM [but] it's a bit expensive to play at 11 at the moment. I think it's a very valuable show to us, it is a good show but it can cast a bit of a shadow over some of the other stuff we do."

As well as a new time slot, the Big Brother format could also get an overhaul.

Frow revealed: “I do think we owe it to the viewers really to be brave enough to go, ‘how can we reposition this for the future, how can we keep surprising?'

“I would like to have that really big, brave, bold editorial discussion with the makers of Big Brother and go, ‘what could we do that would make us leaders?’"

He concluded: “Big Brother has been the number one reality show in this country for 17 years. I do not want to be second, I want to keep being a leader in terms of reality.”

For now, Celebrity Big Brother is due to return to Channel 5 in January.

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