Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Bear confirms £12k fee but he'd have done it for NOTHING

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Stephen Bear has confirmed just how much he was paid for Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

And it works out at £16 an hour, or £12,000 for a full 30 days inside the house.

It's understood to be the lowest of all this year's cast with even Heavy D securing more at £15,000.

However not only does Bear not mind, he says he'd have done it for nothing.

"I go on shows and I want the most airtime, whatever," he said on ITV's Loose Women. "Who knows where it might lead to?

"I got on Celebrity Big Brother. I'm not a nasty person whatsoever. I spilled a bit of coffee on the floor. Big deal. I got paid £12,000 to go on there, they got a quarter of a million quid."

Bear claimed: "I would have done it for nothing."

And he accused the rest of the housemates of being obsessed with money.

He revealed: "All they talked about was, 'I got this much money, I got this much'. Who cares? It's a bit of paper.

"It's all they talked about in there. It was so boring."

While there is no prize for winning Celebrity Big Brother, Bear still has plans to cash in on his victory.

"I have got the best business plan in the world," he explained. "My brother is a multimillionaire. He sold his company to Tesco.

"I am going to put it all in property."

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 returns to Channel 5 in January.

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