Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Waissel on what REALLY happened between her and Biggins

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Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Waissel has revealed what REALLY happened between her and Christopher Biggins in the house.

Biggins was ejected from this year's show back in the first week over a string of offensive comments, one of which was aimed at Katie.

The remark is understood to have been a 'joke' about Nazi gas chambers and it left Katie in tears.

Katie has now explained what went on between them after Channel 5 refused to air the scenes.


"I got so emotional ­earlier that day talking to him about my trip to Auschwitz," recalled Katie. “I told him I went through the gate and you walk around and you see where all the bunkers are and you get taken into the showers.

"Then I walked through and saw where people were lined against a wall and shot and where the bodies were burned.

“I held my breath in the showers, I wanted to honour the lives lost. It was such a tortured place, such an intense experience, especially being Jewish myself."

Katie told The Sun on Sunday newspaper: "That’s why he said what he said later.

“That’s bad, it wasn’t an off-hand comment. It’s just so weird. I’ve just poured my heart out to you about an experience and then you say that to me moments later.”

The X Factor singer said Biggins' remark left her "mortified": I couldn’t believe it had come out of his mouth. There was just silence. Everyone else in the room was shocked."

Katie went on: "I had a bit of a cry because I didn’t want to feel trapped in an environment where people could attack me over who I was. In the diary room a psychologist came to see me for a good 30 minutes. Big Brother said they would speak to him."


Biggins was issued a formal warning at the time but further comments regarding bisexuals saw show bosses remove the "National treasure" from the house.

"We were all a bit surprised at how loose-lipped he was," Katie admitted. "I mean, he’s a national treasure and he’s excited and happy and fun. But there were some crazy things he said that made us turn our heads."

Celebrity Big Brother is now over for this year but returns to Channel 5 in January.

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