Celebrity Big Brother's Renee Graziano needed doctors in the house to help cope with Bear

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Celebrity Big Brother's Renee Graziano has revealed how doctors helped her cope with Stephen Bear in the house.

Renee finished third on the show at the weekend as Bear went on to beat Ricky Norwood in the final vote.

During her time in the house, Renee clashed with Bear repeatedly and has now admitted at times she was close to getting thrown out over her anger with him.

Speaking after Friday's final, Renee said: “If it wasn’t for the doctor, I probably wouldn’t have gotten through or I would have got thrown out.

"I had to leave the room and speak to the doctor several times to calm me down. I did it without being medicated so I am truly the winner.”

Renee claimed that Bear got away with a lot in the house and had more warnings than anyone else, but suggested he knew how to play Big Brother at his own game.

She said: “I think Big Brother definitely should have taken it a bit more seriously, however, Bear was smart enough never to cross the last line. The truth of the matter is they did give him more final warning than they did anyone else.

“This is reality television, this is a high rated show. I’m going to say that we were one of the best watched seasons, so he earned his £12,000 cheque. That’s what it cost to fly me [over to the UK from America] but I’m not spoilt.”

Renee's comments echo those from Aubrey O'Day, who finished fifth in Friday night's final.

She revealed in her post-show chat: "I felt it was unfair, [Bear] should have been removed for so many things he did. He had no respect for property or anyone’s personal space.

“I don’t even know what was shown, but he basically vandalised property and harassed almost everyone in the house."

Ah well, it's all over until January now!

Celebrity Big Brother is back on Channel 5 in the new year.

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