Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Is it ALREADY over for Bear and Chloe Khan?

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Stephen Bear 'snubbed' Chloe Khan after the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 final, it's been claimed.

While the pair kissed shortly after Bear's victory they weren't together later as Bear celebrated his win.

Rather pictures obtained by the Daily Mirror newspaper instead show Bear enjoying the company of two other mystery ladies.

"Love interest Chloe was nowhere to be seen at the show's wrap party," the tabloid reports.

Tweeting ahead of the CBB final yesterday, Chloe said: "In answer to all tweets : It doesnt matter what happens between B and I when he gets out.I have his back regardless.Above all we are friends".

As for Bear, speaking to media after the live show, he wasn't making any commitments just yet.

"You can't have a girlfriend after, like, what, two weeks? But as a person I think she is a nice girl," he said. "I'd love to see her again."

It could also be bad news for this summer's other CBB couple, with Marnie Simpson admitting it may hard for her and Lewis Bloor to stay together on the outside.

She said in her exit interview with press: "I think it's going to be that we struggle. Obviously we both live such separate lives so it's definitely going to be a struggle trying to make it work as good as it did in the house."

She added: "I feel just as strongly as what I did when I was in the house. We'll just have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, Aubrey O'Day revealed she's already enjoyed a passionate night with her boyfriend after they were reunited last night after 30 days apart.

"I had no idea that Pauly was going to be there. We're actually in bed now. We've s*****d about five million times," she said this morning. "I utilised all of Renee's advice."

Celebrity Big Brother is back on Channel 5 in January.

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