Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Things get SUPER awkward after the final

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The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 finalists reunited today but things were SUPER awkward between them.

Fresh from the Celebrity Big Brother Final, Stephen Bear, Renee Graziano, Frankie Grande, Marnie Simpson and Ricky Norwood appeared live on The Saturday Show on Channel 5 to discuss their time in the Celebrity Big Brother House.

And as the housemates joined the studio there was an almost immediate kicking off between Bear and Renee after she refused to hug him.

"She's just angry I won," Bear remarked.

Renee replied: "I'm not angry you won because I came in a winner. I'm not angry that anybody won. When you press every single button on a person and you are there to irritate people..."

Bear interrupted: "She's off again!"

But Renee continued: "Sometimes you humour isn't taken as humour, it's taken as nan insult..."

Chatting to host Gaby Roslin, Renee went on to say that she believed that Bear played the Big Brother game, saying that although sometimes he played it ‘unfairly’, he also often played it ‘brilliantly’.

Bear claimed on the show that, "if you live with me, I’m the nicest boy you’ll ever meet." However, it didn’t seem as if Ricky agreed, instead inviting everyone “to try it for five days and see”.

He added that Bear did “everything he could have done to win” but that’s he’s “just glad it’s all done and dusted.”

Despite having just won the show, Bear claimed that nobody had congratulated him! Saying: “Not one person has said well done… Everyone’s been really horrible to me… the whole nation has watched me and thought, he’s alright… They must see the good in me.”

Meanwhile, Marnie told Gaby that she was in love but wants to take it slow now she’s out the out: “One day was like a week in there.” However, she did say she wouldn’t say no to moving in with Lewis…

The Saturday Show is presented by Gaby Roslin and Matt Allwright and airs Saturday's at 9am, Channel 5

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