Celebrity Big Brother FAKE? 'Staged scenes revealed during live feed'

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Celebrity Big Brother has found itself facing accusations of fakery after seemingly 'staged' scenes aired during live feed.

In the last section of tonight's live from the house on 5Star at midnight, housemates were seen settling into bed shortly after an ad break.

The lights then went out and Big Brother announced: "This is Big Brother, finalists, goodnight."

The housemates were then shown apparently asleep with their eyes closed.

But rather than really heading to bed, seconds later the lights went up again and the housemates hopped up as Ricky Norwood remarked: "Great take guys, great take."

Big Brother was then heard giving the housemates more instructions in an unusually casual way.

"So housemates, just listen to Big Brother again and err, Big Brother will just say to you that tomorrow is a really, really big day for all for you," the voice said. "It's going to start quite early and end very late at night.

"So what Big Brother would suggest is you all wash your teeth, wash, wash, washing your bodies... and then call it a night."

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Channel 5 has said: "Footage shown on the live feed involved Big Brother alerting housemates of a long final day ahead. The show is entirely authentic and the housemates are not scripted.”

Those viewers that stayed up to watch the live feed to the end after most of it was filled with silence were left stunned, including ourselves.

You can read some of the reactions on Twitter below as it happened live...



Celebrity Big Brother concludes tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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