Celebrity Big Brother's Aubrey O'Day reveals her 'love' for Bear

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Aubrey O'Day has jokingly told how she and Stephen Bear have fallen in love on Celebrity Big Brother.

Despite the pair's various bust ups over the past month, things were going swimmingly between Aubrey and Bear in the house today.

So much so that Aubrey opened up to Bear's alter ego 'Dr Bear', who started up a drop-in centre in the house for the celebs to get things off their minds.

This wasn't a task, Bear was just bored.

Aubrey confided in 'Dr Bear': "So I recently just did this show called Big Brother in the UK and in the house there was this guy and and I didn't think it would be anything serious but he just won me over."

She continued: "They call him Bear... This one night when we first got there, he pretend not to notice me, he went for an easy throw and then one night when no one was watching he confessed his love.

"He told us he'd buy us a magic pony, and we could ride it anywhere. He preferred the shower, I had bigger dreams for us."

Aubrey's story went on: "The ending's kind of sad, so we had this big plan to have a future together and then the last day he was taken out before me and I never saw him again."

"What was it you liked about him?" asked Bear Dr Bear.

Aubrey replied: "He told me stories about his white van and I always wanted to take a ride and be the girl he didn't throw out of it."

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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