Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Aubrey O'Day's singing doesn't impress Bear

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Aubrey O'Day's singing is the latest thing to split the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house in tonight's show.

It's the morning after the huge row the night before and in the morning, Bear asks Renee if she would like a coffee, she ignores him. He then asks Aubrey and she says ‘no’

Aubrey comments to Renee; “This routine he’s done this whole show, that’s all he has, that’s all his talent. If he turns into a nice guy he wouldn’t be getting booked.”

Ricky is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “You got Bear and Marnie on one side, and then Aubrey and Renee on the other…”Bear makes heart shaped toast for Renee and Aubrey, Renee throws hers in the bin

In the garden, Bear apologises to Aubrey, she says she just wants to enjoy the final days

Renee tells Ricky that she’s ‘keeping her distance’ from Bear; “I hope one day someone will teach him a lesson.”

In the kitchen, Aubrey asks Frankie to sing with her. Bear tries to join in, the pair continue to sing. Marnie tells Aubrey that her voice is ‘beautiful’

Bear and Marnie head to the garden to complain; Bear believes that Aubrey ‘keeps singing to show-off her talent’

Frankie is in the diary room; “Aubrey, Renee and Bear are so negative towards each other…Let’s all be adults! We’ll be done in 48 hours!”

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