Celebrity Big Brother 2016 spoilers: Day 28 recap and highlights

What happened on Celebrity Big Brother tonight? Catch up!

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

The Celebrity Big Brother finalists are waking up after an evening of arguing on tonight's show.

It's Day 28 and Renee is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “I absolutely despise Bear…I’ve never met a person who is such a loser.”

In the garden, Frankie and Ricky believe they are ‘peacekeepers’

Bear asks Renee if she would like a coffee, she ignores him. He then asks Aubrey and she says ‘no’

Marnie tells Bear that it ‘feels awkward’, and the pair say that Celebrity Big Brother is their ‘biggest achievement’

In the bedroom, Bear offers to make Aubrey and Renee some breakfast, Aubrey asks him to make them beans on toast

Aubrey comments to Renee; “This routine he’s done this whole show, that’s all he has, that’s all his talent. If he turns into a nice guy he wouldn’t be getting booked.”

Ricky is in the diary room talking to Big Brother; “You got Bear and Marnie on one side, and then Aubrey and Renee on the other…”

Bear makes heart shaped toast for Renee and Aubrey, Renee throws hers in the bin

In the diary room, Marnie can’t believe she’s made it to the final

Renee tells Ricky that she’s ‘keeping her distance’ from Bear; “I hope one day someone will teach him a lesson.”

In the kitchen, Aubrey asks Frankie to sing with her. Bear tries to join in, the pair continue to sing. Marnie tells Aubrey that her voice is ‘beautiful’

Bear and Marnie head to the garden. Bear believes that Aubrey ‘keeps singing to show-off her talent’

Frankie is in the diary room; “Aubrey, Renee and Bear are so negative towards each other…Let’s all be adults! We’ll be done in 48 hours!”

For a task, housemates will be taking part in Big Brother’s show called At Home With The Housemates. Housemates take part in the task as presenters and interviewees

As part of the task, Frankie states; “Bear’s fashion is always on point! Most fashionable person!”

For the final part of the task, housemates receive phone calls from mystery guests. Lewis calls in to speak to Marnie to ask how much she’s missing her, he tells her; “I miss you, I feel sick! I can’t wait to see ya! I love you so much!”

Saira calls in and asks Aubrey what has she learnt from this experience, she answers; “Patience…how to show kindness in the face of ugliness.” Saira adds; “Bear stop being a moron!”

Renee is in the bedroom having some alone time, Aubrey comes to talk to her; “This is a once in a lifetime thing. Leaving with bad feelings will do nothing for you...” Renee says; “I’m capable of being a bitch, I’m trying to keep her inside…”

Aubrey and Renee join the rest of the house in the garden

Housemates ‘cheers to the final’

On the sofas, housemates take part in Big Brother’s award ceremony and vote for who they think most deserves each award

Biggest joker goes to Bear; “At least you see my funny side!”

Most memorable goes to Marnie

Most sincere goes to Ricky, he’s overcome

Most deserving winner goes to Frankie

Biggest drama queen goes to Frankie

Most attractive goes to Aubrey; “Together I think we are the most beautiful Celebrity Big Brother house there has ever been!”

Best dressed goes to Bear

Most intelligent goes to Aubrey

Most loyal goes to Renee, she’s overcome; “Loyalty is so important. I’ll take loyalty over everything!”

In the diary room, Aubrey comments; “I’m the complete opposite of Bear! I like to bring out the best in people. I have a really special relationship with Renee…she had the biggest get from this house, she could walk away from this becoming a new woman.”

In the garden, Bear tells Renee; “I don’t want anymore agg. I’m bored of it…you hold a grudge…” Renee tells him that she made him dinner. He adds; “When you’re fun you really are! You’re thinking too much into all of it…” pair hug and say ‘no more dramas’

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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