Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Ex-housemates speak to the house in latest task twist

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Some of the former Celebrity Big Brother housemates returned to the house tonight in the latest task.

Today, the remaining six housemates hosted a This Morning-style show live from the second house, with features including showbiz gossip, news headlines and advice.

One section of the talk show saw a phone in where Marnie and Renee each received a call from some very special 'viewers'.

Lewis Bloor rang in for Marnie although she didn't actually recognise him at first, with the rest of the housemates having to point out who she was talking too in a super awkward moment.

James Whale then called in to quiz Renee on her 'dirty' mouth before revealing which side of the UK and USA split he felt the winner would come from.

Other parts of the task saw Frankie host a fashion segment where he critiqued the fashion of his fellow celebs... as they watched on.

Ricky then hosted his own debate show all about positivity and negativity.

"Positivity is the key to everything," declared "so positive" bear, claiming that his positivity gives other people the hump.

"You sound negative," quipped Aubrey.

Ricky then concluded with his final thought: "A wise man once told me, if you bark when someone else is barking, no one's listening. If you take two steps back and wait 10 seconds and think about your answer and your emotions, the other person may listen."

The task highlights will air on Thursday nights show at 9PM On Channel 5.

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