Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Katie Waissel has no idea why Biggins was removed


Katie Waissel has revealed she has no idea why Christopher Biggins left Celebrity Big Brother 2016.

Big Brother bosses ejected Biggins for repeated instances of unacceptable language that was capable of causing offence, following a number of warnings.

However not all the scenes were aired and it's not just us viewers who have been left in the dark about what went on.

Despite one of the incidents even said to be involving Katie, she was none the wiser when speaking about Biggins' exit from the house at the start of the month.

Speaking on ITV's This Morning today following her eviction last night, Katie revealed: "I didn't know what happened to be really honest with you."

She explained: "I was really concerned it was something to do with his family, so we were all just really, really shocked.

"Either that or he was just in it for a week to have a good time for a week?"

We'll never know exactly what did happen between Katie and Biggins as the remarks were never aired, however it's understood that it did involve an inappropriate joke about the Nazis at Katie's expense.

She is said to have been left in tears by the remark, which resulted in Biggins being given a formal warning at the time (not shown to viewers).

Speaking after his exit at the time, Biggins insisted that he immediately cleared the air with Katie, saying: “We were really good friends and there was no animosity, we’d cleared the air days before.

“She never raised it again with me. I don’t know if she even raised it with anyone.”

Biggins went on to say he was "mortified by what has happened."

"Most of my friends are in fact Jewish. I apologise," Biggins told The Sun on Sunday newspaper in an interview. “I love Jewish people. Listen my best friend is Lesley Joseph and you don’t get more Jewish than that."

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