Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Aubrey O'Day says Bear is 'torturing' her in the house

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Stephen Bear and Aubrey O'Day go at one another in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house in tonight's highlights.

On this evening's episode, Aubrey is first seen telling Frankie to ‘keep it real’ and ‘not to be fake’, he tells her that he is real and likes to ‘keep the peace’.

Aubrey adds; “Nobody runs this house! We are successful people…and half this s**t we wouldn’t even entertain in real life. He (Bear) doesn’t run this!”

Later on, in the bedroom, Bear tells Aubrey that she takes herself too seriously. Aubrey tells him that her and Renee ‘don’t give two f**ks’ and that he’s ‘trash’

Bear adds: “Good luck for Friday! You’ll need it!”

Aubrey replies: “You can win, I know this is your dream. I’ve had platinum selling albums…you can have Big Brother…I know this is the biggest achievement you’ll probably have in your life!”

Bear says: “Ego! Lighten up!”

Aubrey responds: "You’re an a***hole!" before the row intensifies.

Big Brother calls Aubrey to the diary room where she lets off steam: “Bear has ruined the night…I don’t even feel like a finalist…

"We are being abused by this kid…Renee and I are sitting here being tortured.”

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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