Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Bear clashes with Renee Graziano after eviction

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Stephen Bear and Renee Graziano had a major bust up in the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house tonight.

It followed Samantha Fox's eviction alongside Katie Waissel in the latest live show, with Bear accusing Renee of helping Sam escape the house with his precious masquerade mask.

"You knew she had my mask when she left here," he accused. "You knew it, you think it's funny.

"That's not funny... you're involved in that incident as well, taking my property."

Renee insisted she had done nothing wrong: "I didn't see her take it," before asking for a "time out" as the row got heated.

"I ain't on a f**king time out," snapped Bear.

Renee retorted: "Don't curse at me, don't f**king curse at me."

Once things had calmed down it turned out that in fact Sam hadn't taken the mask and Bear had in fact 'misplaced' it under the sofa.

As Renee ranted to Big Brother in the Diary Room over the incident, Bear told Frankie: "I thought she knew that Sam took it and I got the hump. I don't hold a grudge."

"You don't but Renee's different," replied Frankie.

It was later said by Renee that in fact she had seen the mask earlier in the day and was in fact the one who had kicked it under the sofa.

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues nightly on Channel 5 with the final this Friday night from 9PM.

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