'Give me my money' Celebrity Big Brother's Katie Waissel in dramatic breakdown

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Katie Waissel has asked to leave the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 house following a big upset after nominations.

Tonight's show ended with Katie in the Diary Room asking Big Brother to exit the show in this final week.

The drama came after a new nominations twist where it was revealed that Frankie had nominated Katie and it saw her put up for the next eviction.

After, in the bedroom, Katie quizzed Frankie on his nomination and Aubrey revealed: “There has been conversation in the house about you being weak and your stability.”

"Wow", snapped Katie before storming to the bathroom.

"She is f**king losing it... what the f**k is wrong with this girl," reacted Aubrey before joining an upset Katie in the bathroom with Renee.

In the bathroom, Aubrey tried to comfort Katie who insisted she was ‘not unstable’.

"I just want to get the f**k out of here, this s**t out of here We're not 15, we're grown women," Katie added.

Watching on, Bear remarked: "I think Katie is pathetic, she's been threw nothing in here... get the violins out."

Meanwhile, Frankie comforted Katie: “If I ever did use the word unstable to describe you, I apologise to your face. I don’t recall. I do not think you’re weak.”

Katie told him: “It’s alright.”

However The X Factor singer then headed to the diary room to let off steam.

"I want to get the f**k out now, give me my s**t. I want to get the f**k out of here," Katie snapped as she refused to sit on the Diary Room chair.

She told Big Brother: "Just give me my money I want to go. I am sick to death of being made a f**king fool of. Just give me my f**king money."

Celebrity Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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