Celebrity Big Brother 2016: New task causes a lot of rows...


The Celebrity Big Brother 2016 housemates were given a brand new trouble causing task last night.

And sure enough, it caused a lot of trouble.

Housemates were gathered by Big Brother for a discussion game that was only ever intended to stir up some drama.

One at a time, housemates had to pick out a topic from a hat, read it to the group aloud and discuss weather they agreed or not with the statement.

Katie's statement was "It's impossible to be two faced in the Big Brother house."

She claimed it wasn't impossible, although this resulted in a clash between her and Bear, with him accusing the X Factor singer of being two faced, which she disagreed with.

Aubrey tried to calm things down: "In general, in the beginning we didn't like certain people, we liked certain people, it's natural to make quick judgements and then we get to know them...

"In a time where you're spending this much time with people, your opinions shift continuously, one day can shift your opinion about who you enjoy."

Meanwhile, Frankie was left angry at Renee after she accused him of being a game player in another part of the task.

"Renee needs to stop telling people I'm a game player because I made up with Bear, she needs to stop it. She won't let it go, she wont let it go," Frankie said.

He ranted in the bathroom to Katie: "It's not in my nature to be angry at someone for more than 5 seconds, she wants to believe I'm being fake with him.

"I don't give a f**k. I don't need to be fake to Bear to win a gmae, I don't care, I just need to live with him."

Celebrity Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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