Celebrity Big Brother 2016: Katie Waissel and her granny pants want to be in the final

Celebrity Big Brother 2016

Katie Waissel has said she hopes to make the Celebrity Big Brother 2016 final but won't comprise her "genuine" self.

And that includes wearing her granny knickers.

In a reflective chat in the house last nigh following nominations, Katie told some of the other housemates: "This whole experience is just baffling and there's times like I really feel like I fit in and it's really cool but other times I'm like I'm okay with my quiet life at home. Sometimes I'm just like.. you know."

"It has been and still is an amazing experience and I would still love to make this final couch, that's why I came here to do it," Katie added.

The former X Factor singer however said she wouldn't change who she was to make it further in the competition.

"I'm f**king grateful, I'm really grateful I got to be a part of this experience and meet friends here," Katie explained. "But I'm okay with being me.

"I'm okay with wearing my large pants, I'm okay with my sticky out years, I'm okay with being a little nerdy, because I'm me, I'm genuine and I'm sincere."

Katie concluded: "I'll never take my heart off my sleeve, no matter how many times people flick it, poke it, prod it, say something bad about it, that's just me."

Celebrity Big Brother 2016 continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 with the final nominations reveal ahead of a double eviction tomorrow.

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